Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Statement of Intent

I've been fiddling around with doing a blog for some time now and decided that, rather than linger around on the edge any longer, I should gather the gumption and take the leap. Why the hell not? The economy is in Hell, will be for the near future, and I might as well find a way to turn negative frustration into positive energy. I am primarily versed in film so the majority of this blog's content will focus on film criticism, but I will try to cover television, music, etc. with a similar aesthetic. All media reviews will be assigned a star rating (out of four) and will hopefully convey my attitude toward the work in question's merit.

Finally, I'd like to state my intentions of doing this thing properly, meaning that I will come at my reviews with a strong foundation in the works' authors, the history of the medium, the politics present in the works, etc. I will do my best to provide valuable insight and education into the works at hand. I say this because the overall effect that the internet has had on film criticism has been overwhelmingly negative with too many voices that are not up to the task.  Nobody would seriously listen to a juggler diagnosing a patient, for instance, yet this occurs in abundance in film and other media criticisms because people feel entitled to speak their mind. Far from wanting to remove rights from people, I would say that most people (potentially myself included) are not entitled or adequately prepared to diagnose a film, just as most people are not entitled or adequately prepared to diagnose a patient. But with all that said, I've been watching film and reading film criticism for over ten years, and I think I've got the right stuff for the job. I hope I'm right about this and I hope you enjoy.


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  1. Great stuff. You should watch the new episodes of House and tell me -- and others -- what you think. I find them pretty awesome.